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Mother’s Day Treat Ideas

mother's day
Happy mother’s day to all moms in the world!

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most parts of the world including the Philippines; it will be on May 14 this year. After what your mom does for you all-year-round, it is but right to celebrate her heroism with the world on Mother’s day. Though you should make her feel special every day, she deserves your extra effort on the day made especially for moms.

If you haven’t figured out yet what to give her on May 14, here are my gift suggestions.

  1. Give her a day off from chores

Yes! The best gifts do not need to be wrapped. I bet every mom in the world would love this gesture.

Surprise her with a clean house and breakfast to start with. You can get creative and make a certificate freeing her of all household chores throughout the day.

  1. Give her an edible bouquet

If your mom is not a fan of flowers, you can still give her a bouquet. There are different shops offering edible bouquets or you can make one yourself. There are limitless options if you are creative enough. You can give her a chocolate bouquet, cupcake bouquet or even fried chicken bouquet!

  1. Treat her to her favorite café

This is great if she loves coffee. If she always pays for the bill, it’s time for you to take over. While you are there, catch up with her. Take time to really listen to her and let her know what’s going on with your life to, she would love to know

  1. Give her a flower bouquet

Flowers never ran out of style. You can go to a flower shop for a bouquet or you can make one if you are confident you can do it.

  1. Add up to her plant collection

Is your mom fascinated with plants? Make her happy this mother’s day by giving her a plant she doesn’t have yet.

beautiful tracksfor your

  1. Make a poem or a letter

It’s time to unleash your literary genius. Your composition does not need to be flawless; it just needs to be authentic. After technology has taken over, it will be nice to give your mom a break from emails and texts and give her the classic way to express affection. On your letter write what you like about her, or what you thank her for. She deserves to know.

  1. Make a video clip

If crafting a letter doesn’t seem to work for you, maybe a touch of technology will help. Create a slideshow of your pictures together and post it on social media (only if she has an account!).

  1. Give her a hug

When was the last time you hugged her? Can’t remember? Well, now is the time to do it! No further explanations needed.

  1. Day Spa Gift Certificate

Your mom needs to relax and one way to do this is getting a nice pampering session from the spa. If you don’t have a budget for it, then do the massage yourself!

  1. Your time

Most of the time, your mom really doesn’t need anything from you. She just wants to spend time with you especially if you don’t see each other often. Give her your undivided attention, put your phone down and just be with her.

What really matters

There are a thousand more ideas for gifts you can give your mom on mother’s day. It doesn’t need to be grand, just give out of love and I’m confident she will appreciate it.

The most important gift you must give your mom on mother’s day is your love. Not only on mother’s day, make her feel loved all-year-round.

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10 Summer Activities for Children


Are you looking for exciting activities to keep your children occupied this summer?

It can be tough to plan and execute different tasks for kids during vacation. It is easier to just let them watch TV or play with gadgets, but we all know that prolonged exposures to these gadgets have repercussions. Harmful effects of gadgets include aggression, obesity, and sleep disorders, so you should do your best to keep your children’s exposure to TV, cellphones, and computers at a minimum.

Here are 10 enjoyable and beneficial summer activities for you and your children.

  1. Do gardening together

You do not need a backyard for this activity; a simple pot will do. It is best if you choose a seed of edible plants. Allowing them to understand that it takes time and effort to grow food will give them a strong foundation on savings and financial responsibility. Plus, you will have free fruits or vegetables in few months’ time!

Gardening with your children has advantages for their mental, emotional, and physical development. Planting boosts fine motor skills which are necessary for them to excel in academic activities like writing and drawing. It also teaches your kids to be more responsible and patient.

Your kids are not the only ones who will benefit from planting. Tilling the soil also does wonders for your health. A journal from the American Heart Association reveals that gardening reduces your chances for a stroke. It is also good for your bone and general health. Aside from that, being surrounded by plants is a great stress reliever.

  1. Climb a mountain

Climbing a mountain is another fun and healthy activity for you and your children. It is a great way for you to bond with them while getting a much-needed muscle work out.

You can plan a mountain trekking out of town if it’s possible, but if not; a quick trip to a hill around your place is okay too. Follow these precautions to ensure your safety for this activity.

  1. Cook or bake with your children

Cooking is a much needed life skill so you have to invest your time teaching your kids if you don’t want them to end up relying on instant foods when they become adults. You can start exposing your child to kitchen activities as young as possible. Gradually involve them with tasks they can handle with your close supervision.

Cooking and baking enhance your children’s skills in math, comprehension, science, and communication. Being able to make their own food boosts their self-esteem while they are having fun!

You will need a lot of patience when cooking with your children especially if they are still very young. It’s tempting to just skip their involvement and do the cooking yourself. However, you have to try your best to allow them to do some tasks on their own even if they mess up the recipe. It’s the only way they can learn and have fun.

  1. Enroll them for summer class

You do not need to handle all the activities for your children. You can enroll them for summer classes. Let them choose which class to take to ensure better commitment.

You can let them have arts, academics or sports programs. The lessons will not only improve their abilities in the area they will choose but it will also develop their communication and interpersonal skills.

  1. Let them do chores

Research upon research proves the positive effects of giving chores to children. Children who do chores are most likely to become responsible adults.

Check out this guide as to what kind of chores your children can do depending on how old they are.

activities for children
Garage sale
  1. Run a garage sale

Let them go over their stuff and separate those that they are not using anymore. You can make an agreement as to how you will spend the revenue for your garage sale.

You will have fun, you will get rid of clutter, and you will earn money!

  1. Go swimming!

The perfect fun way to beat the summer heat! But of course, always take safety measures first. Check this list for the things you need to make your swimming getaway more fun and safe.

  1. Do crafts

Use the summer vacation to unleash the artist inside you and your children. Ask them for suggestions as to what craft you will do. You might be surprised with what they have in mind.

If they won’t make a suggestion, you can search Pinterest for help. Use indigenous and recycled materials to make something you can use around your house. This way, you will not only have fun but you will help the environment too.

  1. Explore new cafes around your town

Discovering new food hangouts in your place is another great way to bond with your child. Now is the time to go check out the place you have been meaning to see but you kept postponing.

You can also check out for events and child-friendly activities that the cafes might be offering.

  1. Allow them to get bored.

Yes, boredom is also essential for your child’s development. Being constantly stimulated with activities and gadgets without rest will cripple your children’s ability for imagination and self-discovery.

Give them healthy breaks from activities and unplug all devices. Allow them to dig into their minds and emotions. Allow them to be creative without the help of anyone or anything.

Key Take-away

The key to enjoyable and educational summer vacation for your kids is a balance between planning well and being spontaneous. The list doesn’t end with this ten. There are hundreds of other activities you and your children can do.

Bonding with your children does not need to involve money. It just needs your presence; true presence. Be emotionally, mentally and physically present with your children in any of the activities mentioned above and your children will surely have a fun and productive summer they will always remember.

Do you have activities in mind for your children? Let me know in the comment section!

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7 Quotes to Inspire You to do Chores

There is no way we can get away with household tasks. There are rare people who love to do them but unfortunately, I’m not one of the chosen ones. Well, there are occasional times when I actually enjoy doing them but most of the time, I just don’t.

The hardest part is starting, especially during those “off days”. Once I started, I’m often surprised on how soon I get to finish. So if you are like me who needs motivation to get started with house chores. I’ve compiled these “chores quotes” for you.

It pays to look at the brighter side. 
It’s not just about a measly chore! It’s about improving the world! 
Plenty would love to do the dishes in exchange for food! 
Think of chores as gestures of love… 
The more you prolong, the more it piles up! 
Don’t let clutter blur your family’s dream. 
Getting rid of clutter from your house and from your mind open doors! 

There is more to life than doing chores. So it doesn’t make sense to spend all our efforts on domestic jobs alone. But we cannot deny the fact that household tasks are inevitable for a happy and healthy home. It’s a matter of balance and time management.

What do you do be motivated to do house chores if you don’t feel like it? Let me know!

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Time Saving Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Moms have to juggle chores and errands in every day. Try the following so you won’t need to spend more time than you have to.the-eleventh-hour-758723_960_720

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”

– Nelson Mandela


Outside Errands

  1. Do your shopping on weekdays and not during or few days after pay day. The grocery is full during pay days and weekends. The best time is the weekday right before pay day. It is best to go there in the morning, avoid after office hours.
  2. Make a grocery list, and stick to it. I use Wunderlist app on my phone, it’s handy and I can cross the items as I go.
  3. Do your bank transactions midweek. Keep away from the first and last days of the month and days right after holidays. It is also wise to avoid the first and last banking hours; these are the busiest times of the day.
  4. Pay bills online or through ATM. Plenty of service providers provide online and bank payment transactions. Take advantage of these options to avoid long queues.
  5. In the department store, pay at the cashier in the men’s section. The line at the men’s section is usually the shortest.
  6. Wait for a cab at an intersection if possible. Doing this gives you more chances of riding a taxi faster.

At home

  1. Boil eggs together with rice using the rice cooker. I’ve learned this from my husband. It doesn’t only save time; it also saves water and cooking gas.
  2. If space allows, hang as many clothes as you can instead of folding. Hanging clothes is easier than folding them. Especially if you are like me who hates folding.
  3. Have a designated place for everything and let your housemates know. This will avoid them asking you where every single thing is.
  4. Prepare clothes and bags at night. Jamming everything in the morning means chaos and stress.
  5. Delegate! No, you are not a superwoman, you cannot do it all. Try to delegate the chores you don’t like if possible. My husband is in charge of bringing out the trash, feeding the dog and cleaning up its house. I let my daughter pick up things from the floor and buy things from the store. I delegate other things  too but these are the things they know they have to do.

Do you have other time-saving hacks? I would love to know them!

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How I Let My 5-year-old Help Around the House


Letting our children do household chores is vital for them to become responsible adults. Different researches like this,this and this have emphasized the significance of chores in relation to a child’s future success.

Plus, the little things my five-year-old does with her little hands are big relief on my to-do list

Here are some of the chores I let my daughter do.

  1. Fix her toys and books
  2. Bring dirty clothes and linens to the laundry basket
  3. Get stuff from another room
  4. Mix pancake/ cupcake batter and scramble eggs
  5. Line muffin trays with muffin cups
  6. Get plates before meals
  7. Return washed dishes on the dish rack
  8. Water plants
  9. Buy from the store ( only from the store adjacent to our house)
  10. Wash her underwear
  11. Fold her pants ( she has yet to learn how to fold the others)
  12. Fix folded clothes back to her drawer

    My daughter helping up with baking when she was still 3 years old.

Giving chores to kids have difficulties. It is often easier to do the tasks ourselves, but the struggle is worth it if you do not want you and your children to end up miserable in the end.

I sometimes worry about wasting resources when my child does some chores. However, the chore can be grounds to teach values on frugality and economy.  I also wrestle with my patience when I let her do some chores because she does it so slowly. Sometimes I nag unreasonably or end up doing it myself; which should not be.

WebMD has suggested age-appropriate tasks here. This is just a guide, though; children have varied abilities. Often times, my daughter gives clues on what she can do. She even asks if she is allowed to do some chores. As long as the chore will not obviously harm her, I let her try then decide if she can do it more often.

What are your struggles in letting children do chores? Do you have tips on how to make giving chores easier? I would love to know them!