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Mother’s Day Treat Ideas

mother's day
Happy mother’s day to all moms in the world!

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most parts of the world including the Philippines; it will be on May 14 this year. After what your mom does for you all-year-round, it is but right to celebrate her heroism with the world on Mother’s day. Though you should make her feel special every day, she deserves your extra effort on the day made especially for moms.

If you haven’t figured out yet what to give her on May 14, here are my gift suggestions.

  1. Give her a day off from chores

Yes! The best gifts do not need to be wrapped. I bet every mom in the world would love this gesture.

Surprise her with a clean house and breakfast to start with. You can get creative and make a certificate freeing her of all household chores throughout the day.

  1. Give her an edible bouquet

If your mom is not a fan of flowers, you can still give her a bouquet. There are different shops offering edible bouquets or you can make one yourself. There are limitless options if you are creative enough. You can give her a chocolate bouquet, cupcake bouquet or even fried chicken bouquet!

  1. Treat her to her favorite café

This is great if she loves coffee. If she always pays for the bill, it’s time for you to take over. While you are there, catch up with her. Take time to really listen to her and let her know what’s going on with your life to, she would love to know

  1. Give her a flower bouquet

Flowers never ran out of style. You can go to a flower shop for a bouquet or you can make one if you are confident you can do it.

  1. Add up to her plant collection

Is your mom fascinated with plants? Make her happy this mother’s day by giving her a plant she doesn’t have yet.

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  1. Make a poem or a letter

It’s time to unleash your literary genius. Your composition does not need to be flawless; it just needs to be authentic. After technology has taken over, it will be nice to give your mom a break from emails and texts and give her the classic way to express affection. On your letter write what you like about her, or what you thank her for. She deserves to know.

  1. Make a video clip

If crafting a letter doesn’t seem to work for you, maybe a touch of technology will help. Create a slideshow of your pictures together and post it on social media (only if she has an account!).

  1. Give her a hug

When was the last time you hugged her? Can’t remember? Well, now is the time to do it! No further explanations needed.

  1. Day Spa Gift Certificate

Your mom needs to relax and one way to do this is getting a nice pampering session from the spa. If you don’t have a budget for it, then do the massage yourself!

  1. Your time

Most of the time, your mom really doesn’t need anything from you. She just wants to spend time with you especially if you don’t see each other often. Give her your undivided attention, put your phone down and just be with her.

What really matters

There are a thousand more ideas for gifts you can give your mom on mother’s day. It doesn’t need to be grand, just give out of love and I’m confident she will appreciate it.

The most important gift you must give your mom on mother’s day is your love. Not only on mother’s day, make her feel loved all-year-round.



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