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Where to Eat Japanese and Korean Food in La Trinidad

noodles-1476658_960_720Are you craving for Samgyeopsal or sashimi? You don’t have to go far anymore to satisfy your cravings. There are at least a couple of restaurants within La Trinidad offering these foreign dishes. Here are two I’ve tried so far.

Yasuragi Japanese Cuisine

This newly opened restaurant offers different kinds of Japanese courses. Their menu consists of appetizers, main courses, snacks, and desserts- all Japanese! So if you want to have a taste of Japan, try Yasuragi. Their operating hours is from 11 am to 10 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays; they are closed on Mondays.

How to get there

Yasuragi is located at 1C-106 Swap View, Betag. You can find it amidst the  La Trinidad valley’s strawberry and vegetable gardens.
If you are from Baguio City, ride a Jeepney bound for Puguis- Swamp. The loading area is located between Baguio Centermall and Goodtaste. The restaurant can be found around 100 meters from BAPTC, look to your right.
If you come from Halsema Highway, go to the entrance of Strawberry fields, across BSU last gate. Wait for a Swamp Jeepney unless you want to walk, it will take you around 15-20 minutes.

The Ambiance

The atmosphere is chic and relaxing. The restaurant is surrounded by tinted glass walls. The geometric-designed ceilings are adorned with Japanese inspired lamps. It has a sushi bar so it’s not awkward if you are going solo. The wooden tables and chairs are classic.
Japanese music is playing in the background to complete the Japanese feel. I was waiting for a waiter in Kimono to take our order only to be attended by a kailian in white T-shirt and black pants, haha. Kidding aside, the ambiance is great!
Though, I think they sure need more space. We almost didn’t have a table. The kind waitress offered the sushi bar which was not an option for me because I have a 4-month old and very active pre-schooler in tow. Thanks to the angelic couple who gave up their table and went to the sushi bar instead.

The Food

I am not a reliable critic if the food is authentic Japanese, but my Igorot palate is surely delighted with what I ate. I only went there once so I only tried their Torikatsudon– chicken cooked in sauce with egg, onions, and scallions over rice. The serving was generous and it was flavorful. My picky-eater daughter also loved it so don’t worry if you have children with you; they have child-friendly choices.


Because I am not a dependable judge on its authenticity, I looked at the reviews on their FB page. One of the reviewers said that the taste of their food is similar to what they tried in Japan so I guess we can assume that the taste is genuinely Japanese.

We also had vanilla and green tea ice cream which was both nice, but nothing extraordinary. I wish I could tell you more about their food but I haven’t tried many yet. I’ll definitely go back soon; I’ll update this blog if I do.

The Service

The staff is polite and accommodating. The waiting time for the food is at around 20 minutes, which is reasonable.

Yasuragi- My daughter trying chopsticks for the first time


Since the place is situated in the middle of the strawberry farm, the view of strawberry and vegetable gardens and the mountains surrounding the valley is a bonus!

79 BMB Korean Restaurant

BMB has been here for quite a while; they have been reinventing the place during the past months. Aside from serving Korean food, they are also selling other Korean stuff like cosmetics and clothes.

How to Get There

The resto is located in the Basement of Pineshill CTC Business Center, Km. 5, same building as Avon. You should see the building before you reach Jollibee if you are from Baguio City. You can ride a Jeepney bound to Tomay, Buyagan, or Pico.

The Ambiance

79 BMB Resto

The place is spacious and cozy. There is good lighting and ventilation so it is still convenient even if it is located in the basement. They decorate the place according to the season. Their decoration the last time I went was outdated, though. They still haven’t moved on from Valentine’s Day.

The Food

79 BMB Resto: Dumplings 79php

They don’t have the best Korean food I tasted but it’s good enough to satisfy your craving for Korean cuisine. They serve Samgyeopsal, ramen, ramyun, kimbap and dumplings. They also have fried chicken, pork sisig, and budget meal if you like other choices. The samgyeopsal is 120php per order, minimum of 2 orders. Most of their menu costs 79php, thus the name.
I tried their samgyeopsal, kimbap, and dumplings. They have to improve their kimbap since the home-made varieties I tasted are far better. Their samgyeopsal is good enough though it would be better if they add to their side dishes. I loved their dumplings the first time I ordered it. Unfortunately, the quality was not the same when I tried it again. They have generous servings.

The Service

The management should work out their consistency. There were frequent instances when some of the items were not available from their menu.
The taste and quality of the food should also be consistent. The staffs are nice but perhaps they need more since the cashier is also working in the kitchen so there is no one at the counter sometimes.


Korean drama fans have a feast for the eyes in this resto. One corner is filled with pictures of Korean artists.
You can also play darts and billiards at 100php for one hour and 50php for 30 minutes. They have Hanboks you can use and take a picture with.They also have free wi-fi access so you can post your pics right away.

79 BMB Resto: Korean Hanboks for your FB and Insta pics

Do you know other restaurants serving international cuisine in La Trinidad? Let me know in the comment section so I can check it out! Constantly be updated with the new cafes around town in my Facebook Page Highland Mommy



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