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Making the Most of Baguio Flower Festival

Are you going to Baguio City this weekend for Panagbenga’s main events? The Grand street dancing parade is on February 25 followed by the Grand Float Parade on February 26. After the Float Parade, Session Road will close for a week-long Session in Bloom.


One of the entries of the landscape competition in Burnham in 2016.

Here are a few tips so you can enjoy the festival with few or no hassle.

Travel and Lodging

1. By now you should have booked for accommodation since hotels and transient houses are usually full during this season.
2. If not, be sure to book only with legitimate businesses. Recheck the place before paying the deposit fee.
3. We HIGHLY DISCOURAGE you to bring your car because of traffic congestion.
4. If you have no choice but to bring your car, make sure your accommodation has parking space. Leave it there when you explore the city or watch the parade. Establishments are mostly within walking distance. Use your car and you will spend most of your time in traffic or looking for parking space instead of enjoying the city.

Street Dancing and Float Parade

1. Enjoy the parade to the fullest by finding the perfect location. Find a restaurant along session road or Harrison road with a second-floor veranda or glass walls. It is best to view the parade from the top. You can watch comfortably without having to cram with the crowd.
2. Go to the location early to make sure you get the best spot.


One of the entries in 2016 Float Parade. 



1. Unfortunately, thieves also take advantage of the flock of tourist so be alert at all times.
2. Do not leave your bag and other valuables inside your car.
3. Keep an eye on your valuables when you are out.
4. Just bring with you the cash you need and avoid wearing expensive jewelry.


1. Almost every year, traffic is terrible and trash is all over the city during the festival. I hope it will be different this year.
2. These should be common sense, but then I will specify because there would have been no problems during the past years if we all practice “common sense”.
3. Throw your garbage only in garbage bins. If you can’t find one yet, it wouldn’t hurt to take it with you until you find one.
4. Follow traffic rules.
5. Follow city ordinances.

We all want to enjoy the festival, let us remember that other people want to have fun too. Are you joining the festival this year? Do you have other tips? Let me know through the comment section!



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