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7 Quotes to Inspire You to do Chores

There is no way we can get away with household tasks. There are rare people who love to do them but unfortunately, I’m not one of the chosen ones. Well, there are occasional times when I actually enjoy doing them but most of the time, I just don’t.

The hardest part is starting, especially during those “off days”. Once I started, I’m often surprised on how soon I get to finish. So if you are like me who needs motivation to get started with house chores. I’ve compiled these “chores quotes” for you.

It pays to look at the brighter side. 
It’s not just about a measly chore! It’s about improving the world! 
Plenty would love to do the dishes in exchange for food! 
Think of chores as gestures of love… 
The more you prolong, the more it piles up! 
Don’t let clutter blur your family’s dream. 
Getting rid of clutter from your house and from your mind open doors! 

There is more to life than doing chores. So it doesn’t make sense to spend all our efforts on domestic jobs alone. But we cannot deny the fact that household tasks are inevitable for a happy and healthy home. It’s a matter of balance and time management.

What do you do be motivated to do house chores if you don’t feel like it? Let me know!



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42 thoughts on “7 Quotes to Inspire You to do Chores

  1. I used to have a daily schedule, but I kept adding things to my list u til it got overwhelming, then I decided I’m not doing that anymore, I’m enjoying life more and I will do the things as they need to be done, but of course don’t let things pile up.


    1. I used to do that too. Now I just have 1 chore in my to-do list everyday. Doing that one chore gives me a feeling of fulfillment without getting overwhelmed 🙂


  2. Chores are never fun especially when you’re doing them all alone. I normally get the whole family involved so that it won’t take such a toll on me as well. These are pretty inspiring quotes though especially for those lazy days!


  3. What a WONDERFUL idea for a post! I need these in my life (as I sit here with a house just waiting to cleaned)! Haha


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