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Time Saving Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Moms have to juggle chores and errands in every day. Try the following so you won’t need to spend more time than you have to.the-eleventh-hour-758723_960_720

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”

– Nelson Mandela


Outside Errands

  1. Do your shopping on weekdays and not during or few days after pay day. The grocery is full during pay days and weekends. The best time is the weekday right before pay day. It is best to go there in the morning, avoid after office hours.
  2. Make a grocery list, and stick to it. I use Wunderlist app on my phone, it’s handy and I can cross the items as I go.
  3. Do your bank transactions midweek. Keep away from the first and last days of the month and days right after holidays. It is also wise to avoid the first and last banking hours; these are the busiest times of the day.
  4. Pay bills online or through ATM. Plenty of service providers provide online and bank payment transactions. Take advantage of these options to avoid long queues.
  5. In the department store, pay at the cashier in the men’s section. The line at the men’s section is usually the shortest.
  6. Wait for a cab at an intersection if possible. Doing this gives you more chances of riding a taxi faster.

At home

  1. Boil eggs together with rice using the rice cooker. I’ve learned this from my husband. It doesn’t only save time; it also saves water and cooking gas.
  2. If space allows, hang as many clothes as you can instead of folding. Hanging clothes is easier than folding them. Especially if you are like me who hates folding.
  3. Have a designated place for everything and let your housemates know. This will avoid them asking you where every single thing is.
  4. Prepare clothes and bags at night. Jamming everything in the morning means chaos and stress.
  5. Delegate! No, you are not a superwoman, you cannot do it all. Try to delegate the chores you don’t like if possible. My husband is in charge of bringing out the trash, feeding the dog and cleaning up its house. I let my daughter pick up things from the floor and buy things from the store. I delegate other things  too but these are the things they know they have to do.

Do you have other time-saving hacks? I would love to know them!



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34 thoughts on “Time Saving Hacks Every Mom Should Know

  1. The best is to delegate. The only issue is compliance. LOL. I assign chores but sometimes my kids fail to do them on time or when it is absolutely necessary to be done at once. BTW, I also avoid going to the bank during Mondays and Fridays when they are the busiest.


    1. Yes Eileen I can relate! Even my husband fail to comply sometimes! Anyway, the times they do cooperate are sure of great help.


  2. It’s good to be able to save time. I make sure I do my chores as efficiently as possible so I have more time to spend with my family and my work. It’s all about following a schedule and good time management.


  3. I love being able to save time, because I have so little of it. I normally plan everything out and make sure I have schedule so that I can finish things efficiently. These are awesome tips!


  4. All of these are some great tips. I always try to make a grocery list or I’ll end up buying more then I should. I also usually prepare clothes at night when the kids have school the next day.


  5. I need this time hacks specially for a freelancer like me. What a great tips you have there. Thanks for the awesome advice!


  6. hahha mommy hacks, i love that concept you should do more. Life hacks are so predominant in our society now adays, everybody loves to read how to make things alittle bit easier everyday and your tips are brilliant.


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